Friday, July 8, 2011

Top 5 Worst Irish Accents by Beautiful Actors

This week wraps up the Irish themed hotlists....and I couldn't resist making a list about hot actors with HORRIBLE Irish accents...we've all heard them, cringing through the whole movie, wondering how these beautiful men could possibly think their accents are believable. Yet we pay to go see them anyways, why?...because they are HOT HOT HOT!!! I think all of us would still drool over these guys even when they sound so ridiculous!

Here they are...the Top 5 Worst Irish Accents by Beautiful Actors:

5. Gerard Butler - P.S. I Love You

You'd think this HOT HOT HOT Scotsman would be able to pull off a believable Irish accent, but his Scottish accent is apparent throughout most of the movie. He's so distractingly delicious that I barely even notice it though...does he even talk in that movie?

4. Leonardo DiCaprio - Gangs of New York

I love Leo, with or without a terrible Irish accent. He just doesn't quite get it right. He's a little more bulked up in this movie than usual, so that helped make up for his unsuccessful attempt at being an Irishman.

3. Tom Cruise - Far and Away
Before Tom displayed how crazy he really is on Oprah's couch, he was a favourite of mine. We get to see his tushy in the movie, which passed as Irish!

2. Jeffrey Dean Morgan - P.S. I Love You

I'm not entirely sure why actual Irishmen weren't cast in this movie, but it gave opportunity to put 2 men from this movie on my list. I think the director knew how bad his accent was, because he didn't have very many lines to showcase it. Another tushy shot distracts us from his accent. The scene of him walking into the kitchen putting on his t-shirt - SO HOT!!!

And the WORST Irish Accent by a Beautiful Actor is:

1. Brad Pitt - The Devil's Own

Oh my, I honestly didn't think I was going to be able to get through this movie listening to such a farce of an accent, lucky for Brad he has his looks to fall back on. I think many women saw that movie and loved it just for his face. Brad, stick to movies with the accent you can do - American!

This list is in order of how bad their accent is, 5 is bad, 1 is the worst. They're all gorgeous - Lucky for them, that's what sells movie tickets.

The order I put these guys in would be different had I done it on hotness...let me know what order you'd put them in.

Next week's list is Top 5 Gorgeous Guys Gone to Soon...leave me a comment and let me know who you think was gone too soon.

Keep your ice buckets close by...


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